Join us at the Ohio City Games, where every kid is a super hero!

The Games are a yearly free, family-friendly field day at St. Ignatius Wasmer Field in Ohio City. Started in 2013, we’re inspiring local Cleveland children & families to be active during the summer, while connecting them with local leaders in business, non-profits, police, and firefighters for a day of fun and games.

The Ohio City Games Team consists of local residents,

  • Founder: Theresa Gorski

  • Event Coordinator: Nicole Ledinek

  • Treasurer: Fred Mowrey

  • Graphics & Outreach: Katrina Blatt

  • Community Coordinator: Greg Harris

  • Volunteer Coordinator: Lydia Ottaviano

  • Sponsorship Coordinator: Grace Frye

  • St. Ignatius Liaison: Lisa Metro

We are all volunteers and work each year to put on a Games that is better than the last… because we love our community and are committed to connecting our youth with programs that will inspire, engage, and connect generations and community leaders.